Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Provision

At Inspire Academy we aim to provide a curriculum that is appropriate to the needs and abilities of all our children.

We plan our teaching and learning in such a way that we enable each child to reach for the highest level of personal achievement. We believe that all teachers are teachers of special educational needs.

All schools are expected to have well planned SEND provision and publish their School SEND Information Report so that parents and carers can see exactly what the school offers. This supports parents to ensure that they make the right choice for their child.  You can find a copy of Inspire Academy’s SEND Information Report on the policies page.

The SEND team is led by Miss Emma Richards who works closely with other SEN leaders at academies within the Trust and also with Tameside LA.  At Inspire Miss Richards is the day-to-day contact for parents and is also supported by highly experienced teaching assistants.

Should parents have any concerns about their child in relation to SEND they should contact their class teacher first and then Miss Richards by making an appointment at the office.