Welcome to Mrs Harvey’s Y1A Class. On here you can learn all about what is happening in Year 1 and see all of the exciting things we have been learning!

Teacher: Mrs J Harvey

Email: jharvey@victoriousacademies.org

Teaching Assistants: Miss L Littlewood & Mrs S Partington

Summer Term

Topic – Under the Sea


The focus of our maths lessons changes weekly to suit the needs of our pupils, we use assessments and previous lessons to identify any gaps and needs.

Throughout the summer term we will be covering the following:

  • Addition and Subtraction – we will recap counting on or back. We will also be using number lines and manipulating objects to find the answers.
  • Multiplication and Division – the children will focus on drawing pictures and arrays to help them to solve the problems.
  • Recap coin recognition. Challenging ourselves to add coins to find the total value.
  • Recap time – o’clock and half past. The children will read the times and also be drawing hands on to clocks.
  • Recap fractions, concentrating on finding one half of a shape and quantity.

Maths lessons are structured to allow your children to fulfil their potential, mastery and greater depth opportunities are present in each lesson.


Throughout the summer term we will be covering the following:

  • Narrative – Our class book will be ‘The Singing Mermaid’. This will link with our new topic ‘Under the Sea’. We will be changing elements of the story and then writing our own narratives.
  • Explanations – The children will be writing an explanation which will be linked to a sea creature.
  • Poetry – We will revisit poetry. The children will continue to develop their poetry skills and we will be writing more poems!


Throughout the summer term we will be covering the following:

  • We will continue to plan and conduct various experiments. We will recap how to conduct an experiment, concentrating on a predication, what equipment we need, our results and a conclusion. We will also speak about a fair test and the importance of ensuring we conduct our experiments fairly.
  • We will be learning all about plants – our focus will be on being able to talk about and describe the basic structure of a common flower.
  • We will also be learning all about animals – with a focus on what carnivores, omnivores and herbivores are.


Throughout the summer term we will be covering the following:

  • Hills and Valleys – focus on using key words and vocabulary as well as developing our map skills. We are hoping to go on a year 1 trip to Dovestones!
  • We will also be comparing Ashton to Lytham.


Throughout the summer term we will be covering the following:

  • Eid – festival observance
  • Bible stories


Throughout the summer term we will be:

  • We are storytellers – We will be working on creating talking books!
  • We are celebrating – We will be creating a digital card.


The phonics screening check for ALL year one children will take place week beginning Monday 11th June.

Phonics will continue much in the same way as reception. The children will continue to learn new phonemes and graphemes daily and will apply their phonics knowledge to their reading and writing. Each year, the children in year one sit a phonics screening check. This is a short test to confirm whether each child is able to decode to an appropriate standard. More information will follow regarding this in due course.

General Class Information

  • Year 1 have PE each week, Miss Richard’s Y1B class on a Monday. We also enjoy Dance class with Harriet and outdoor games.
  • Reading books are changed once a week, once your child has read their book at home. Please ensure that you comment in their reading record once they have read to you.
  • Homework is sent out each Friday and we kindly ask that it is returned the following Wednesday. Children who continually return incomplete homework will miss their break time to complete the activity. We appreciate your continued support with this.
  • Targets are sent home every half term. Please work through these targets with your child.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can make an appointment via the office or alternatively speak to us after school or via our Twitter pages.